First Day of College (05-09-2008)

Hi all and Assalam o Alaikom all Muslims.

well, today I went to the College for the first day as a student. I was roaming in that college since 1 and a half year, but, today I went to the Leadership College as a Student.

The Orientation Day was 1st September and College was expected to be started regularly till the 4th of September, 2008. But I could not attend the college because my uniform was with the tailor due to ready made uniform long lengths. One of my friend told in the Academy that they studied nothing that day.

I was expecting the 5th of September to be the regular college day and I was a little bit confused about the rules and regulations and the class roam. They said that you’ll know about your class roam when you’ll come to the College and I was a little bit late today.

I left my home at 7:50 AM and the College time was 8:00 AM. Before leaving I called my friend, Adeel Ahmad Malik, to know about the class and other details. He told me that B-1 and B-2 will be Room # 14 and Room # 26. I live in a village which is 10 miles (16 kilometers) away from the city. It takes 15-20 minutes drive till the city (Sialkot). I drop my father at Bank and moved towards the College. I reached at College at 8:15 AM. A little far from the College I switch my mobiles to Silent profile. I took switch off my one mobile and handed it to my driver and put my other mobile in my bag’s front pocket.

I first enquired from the gatekeeper about the rooms. Then I went in Room # 1 to Sir Irfan and inquired about my class. He said that We don’t know about these details inquire from your teacher. I asked the gatekeeper again and he send me to a room where no one was present. I came back and then he sent me to Room # 4 and they told me that there is a board outside on which are the lists. Check them and find your class.

I read those list and found that B-1 was not Room # 14 but it was Room # 12. I saw quickly and found only 1 teacher, Sir Mushtaq, whom I knew. I went in the class hoping that there might be any teacher giving lecture but the class was almost full with students and there was no teacher there. I found the empty seats only in the back row which was fully empty. I sat on a chair and after a while one student entered the class and sat on my left hand.

He started the introduction and he told that he came from Chawinda. He told that yesterday his day was WASTED in the College because they studied nothing yesterday. Later came another student and sat on my right. He study in the Academy I studied for a month. There was no suitable time in that Academy in the College days, so, I left that Academy. He asked me about that and I explained it to him.

The second period, Physics, was passed away by attendance and just two things that Circle and Sphere are two different things. The Whiteboard was at a very low height so It was not visible from the last row. I said to the teacher that I can’t see the board. He asked What? You can’t see the board clearly or you can’t hear clearly? I replied I can’t see the board from here. He asked other students they didn’t said anything. So he requested a student sitting in next row to go back and he dragged the chair to the 3rd row and call me there. He said might be his eye sight is weak. Circle forms from arcs and Sphere forms from Patches. The angle of the arc is called Plain Angle while the cone formed in the Sphere forms angle is called Solid Angle. Solid Angle is area of patch’s square. And the period was over. After the period, the student who was sent back requested me and I gave him his chair back.

Then, in the third period, came a teacher of Chemistry. He start taking the attendance and he was too slow. He said 9 (nine), I replied present Sir. He asked: “tumhara naam kya ha” (what is your name?). I replied: “Shahrukh”. He thought I was making fun of him because Shahrukh is the name of an Indian Hero, Shahrukh Khan. He asked me again the same question. I replied: “Syed Shahrukh Kamal”. He then move forward to second question “marks kitney aye hain?” (How many marks you got?) I replied: “kis mein” (In what?). The class starts laughing. He was quite and a student said: “Metric mein” (In Metric). Then he also said the same and I replied: “Mein ne Metric nahi kiya. Mein ne O Level kiya ha.” (I have not done Metric. I have done O Level). He said: “O level mein kitney A aye they?” (How many A grades you got in O Level?). I replied “one”. He said: “Aur kya grades aye they?” (What other grades you got?). I replied: “Mix they.” (They were mixed). He said: “B kitney they?” (How many were B grades?). I replied again the same “Mix they.” While taking attendance, he took 15 minutes and the class for Friday is of 30 minutes. And he just told about molecules. The lecture was not completed and the period was over.

It was break Time. And I asked yesterday from Sir Irfan for fee deposit for my cousin and he replied that the Bank time is over it’s till 1:00 PM due to Ramadan and  when you’ll come to college tomorrow, then do this in the break time. I went to his office and took the receipt and went to the bank. It took 15 minutes to submit the fee and after that I return to the College and then met Adeel. We just roam and he introduced me to some of his friends. Then the break was over at 10:00 AM.

The next period was Islamiyat and I liked that. Teacher told us about the marking scheme and we read the topic “AQAIED”.

Then, the next period was of English and the teacher was Sir Bruce Gill. We all enjoyed that period also except one student who was talking and not listening to teacher and disturbed the class for two times.

The sixth period was free. I am a student of B-1 (Boys 1 = FSc Part 1 = 11th) but, as the period was free, sat in the Pak Studies class of B-2 (Boys 2 = FSc Part 2 = 12th) with my friend, Adeel, of B-2. It was just fun. The teacher was a female, so, she couldn’t control the class. A teacher came and said that all the students who are not of B-2, please, go outside. So then I roam in the corridor.

The seventh period was of Biology. We have 6 subject and we didn’t studied Urdu today and still the number of periods were 7. Two of the periods were totally free. In Biology, we just done the introduction. It was over at 12:00 PM.

We only got the English Home Work and that is just to revise.

That was my first day in the College. The Timetable of the College is not finalized yet. I am thinking to go College only 2 days per week. I think I will attend the College tomorrow and will go on Monday. And Hope that Timetable will be finalized till then.

Thank You very much for reading this silly post.

Syed Shahrukh Kamal.


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