Happy Birthday; Be Happy and Make Others Happy.

“Happy Birthday to you” is an old but alive song for every second birthday party. Birthdays often give you a happy feeling, especially when the birthday person is some kid. Basically, a birthday party is an event of younger people, free of tensions. Their birthday parties are happier ones as compared to the older people’s. Your birthday gives you a feeling of being older. Your birthday is a day when your new calendar starts in your life and the older calendar gets its place in history.

The best part of this occasion is to be happy and make others happy. Birthday with happy moments is ever remembered, whether its written on the face of paper or not. Smile like the world is yours. Like birthday, we have hundreds of other happy things in our life but as we don’t share it with everyone, they are never happier than the birthday occasion. The real happiness comes with sharing your joys with the world. When you are happy, the sorrow world of your life becomes negligible. The meaning of life and Islam is to be happy and make others happy because every true religion always teaches love and peace to reach till God.

Today, I was planning to sleep, at 10. When I was brushing my teeth, I got a message of a birthday party of my cousin who has turned 11 years old. I unlocked my toy shelf and got a gift from there. First I planned to give some Pakistani money with the gift but later I changed the currency into Saudi Riyals. Firstly, I’d be different from others. Secondly, it could be used in any way; either save it in your currency collection or get it exchanged and spend it.

May Allah (swt) bless everyone and may He give us the power to forgive everyone and love others so He may also Forgive our sins and Love us. May Allah (swt) Protect us and Guide us to the right path.


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