“Death keeps no Calendar”

“Death keeps no Calendar” is an oft-quoted proverb. It is as much true as the light of the Sun. Today, we heard a news on phone that Tariq Driver died in an accident. INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHI RAJIOON (We all Belongs to Allah and to Him we have to Return).

I was shocked on hearing this news. That person have two small kids and a wife. Can you imagine the present and future condition of those children? How they’ll live? It’d be really a hard journey. It’s not easy to survive in this world without a shelter of parents.

Formerly, the driver also worked for us. He was a nice man. He didn’t had any fight or quarrel with anyone here as much time he lived here. He was one of those drivers whom we talk about in good words. He had a humble personality. You can imagine about his personality and his conduct from this that I am writing about him, although he was neither my relative nor I have been made bound to write it.

He was not an old person that his death would not count much; he was a young man. Nowadays, the average life of people has decreased. Today, most of the people die in accidents and suicide attacks. Life could never be trusted nowadays. When a person leaves his house for work in the morning, he is not sure that whether he’ll return in the evening or not. The death of old people doesn’t give this much feeling of the proverb “Death keeps no Calendar” as does the death of younger ones.

Death is natural and no one can escape from it. But what we have prepared? Have we prepared anything for Hereafter or not? When we plan for some journey or shifting our home from one city/country to the other, we prepare for each and everything. We take everything with us; from our needles to our cars. But what we are preparing for Hereafter? Hazrat Imam Jaffar as-Sadiq (a.s) said that a person should be prepared from death each and every time, if he’s not, he’s on fault.

What have past, have been past. Still it’s not late for start preparing. Don’t waste more time in thinking or being ignorant. Just wake up and start counting your life and deeds. Start collecting the wealth of good deeds and try to destroy your bad deeds. The best way to destroy the bad deeds is by doing good deeds on contrary and don’t talk about your bad deeds with anyone. What have you done is a matter between you and Allah. Just leave it on Allah, and do not commit that bad deed again in your life.


Please pray for me, yourself and all the Muslim Ummah.


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