Live with technology, not in technology.

Today, if we look around our self, we will find our self surrounded by technology. Technology has replaced everything we used once. Even, new technology replaces old one day by day. Spider magazine wrote that nowadays, they are not even completed with one gadget/device and the new one arrives in the market. The speed of revolution in technology is increasing day by day. Technology is winning the race by the passage of time. But it’s not good for us.

Technology is neither free from advantages nor disadvantages. Technology gave us clocks, alarm clocks and finally alarm almost in every device. Technology transmitted our voices on air through radio. The television transmitted the video with the help of cables through television, and now, without cables through satellite. Technology has placed such a large television, clocks, play stations, computers in one place, in a mobile. Calculator can solve difficult quadratic equations in just few seconds. Creating difficult databases and maintaining a record was very difficult before the invention of computers. But haven’t we thought that technology is becoming our life?

I believe that technology is not good enough to be our life. Technology should be kept in our life but shouldn’t be replaced with life. Technology should be used for life but not as a life. Spider magazine had published a group of three pictures in which the person was shown at three different locations doing the same thing (using a computer). Those three pictures were labeled as home, work and game respectively. Can you imagine the use of computer nowadays? I believe that computers and technology is invading our life.

Although technology has many benefits but it should be kept to some limits. We should not replace our day to day activities with computers and televisions. On one hand, we can accomplish our tasks much faster than we could ever imagine but on the other hand, it is killing our health, studies and life. The movie Surrogates focuses on the same thing. Human cloning is not allowed to limit the technology’s fast speed.

Before computers and televisions, people used to spend time in healthy games, meeting with friends, helping their families and it didn’t have any impact on their daily life works. Nowadays, we have set all those tasks aside by replacing them with virtual tasks like playing a computer/internet game, meeting our friends at social networking websites and chat rooms and helping them in FarmVille, YoVille, etc. We have thousands of friends but it’s a mere chance that we meet any REAL friend over the internet. We had places games on of weekends. Instead we have assigned a few specific days for specific tasks like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Friend’s Day, etc.

My last words are only that we should not let the technology invade in our lives. We should take advantage of technology but we should not let the technology to invade our lives.

If anyone gets disappointed by any of my word, I am sorry for that. If you feel that any of my word is wrong or inappropriate, please let inform me and correct me. Your suggestions would always be welcomed. Have a nice day and nice future ahead.


What do you say about it?

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