Why and How to write?

Writing is not as much difficult task as people might think. The fear of writing should have been reduced after the introduction of weblogs. Everyone can write anything at any time. But what thing makes a person a good writer? Is it a collection of words or the imagination?

I agree with this that some people get something in their genes but think for a while that if the son of Adam have ever waited for that gene, could he be able to produce that gene himself? No! He would have been waiting for someone to give him that gene. Actually, when man started struggling, the genes started adopting new things. If you are not a son of a writer, the only hurdle you’ll have is to find a good guide. Otherwise, the son of a writer does not take a certificate of writing, with him. Allah says in the Holy Quran,


وَاَنْ لَّيْسَ لِلْاِنْسَانِ اِلَّا مَا سَعٰى

اور یہ کہ آدمی نہ پاے گا مگر اپنی کوشش

And that man (according to justice) will get only that for which he will have strived. (As for Bounty, no one has any right to it. That is merely Allah’s bestowal and pleasure, granting as much as He wills to whom He may please.)


First of all, you should have some objective for something because nothing in universe exists purposeless; everything have certain purpose for every act. Before you continue anything, you should know that what you are going to do. You should always focus on the field that you are able to describe. If you know about Arts, you should not go for Biology discussions. There could be several reasons for writing; you are writing to share your thoughts and observations, you are writing to ask the opinion of people, you are writing to guide people with your opinions, you are writing to provide a guide to a student, you are writing to help people in certain field, you are writing create a new idea among people, you are writing to say what is in your heart.

Now, come to the second point, how to write? Writing is not a big task until or unless you fear. First thing is to overcome your fear. What is the difference between you and some other person if both of you are the sons of Adam? But does we only have to overcome our fear? No! it just enable you to write but it can never make your words desirable.

Secondly, How can our words be desirable? Although, I believe that a person can never ever put his all emotions in words but if you don’t try for even 10%, how can you make up 1%. Hence, you should try to portray more than 50% of emotions in your words, so that at least some emotions could be visible in it. The thing matter is the interest of your fellow readers. They are also people like you. That’s why, you don’t need to get worried about this thing. Just keep in mind that they also like in the same way as you like. Try to think, while writing, that you are writing for your own self. Try to think that you don’t want to miss the happiness of this event when you’ll read it ever again in your life. Whenever you’ll write with such feelings, you’ll put your feelings in it and your words would be touching because everything that comes from the core of heart, really touch others’ hearts.

Thirdly, you need to create that feeling inside you. You have to feel what you are writing. You have you analyze it deeply. Until of Unless you don’t feel that emotions, they can not come from your heart. And as I wrote, just above, “everything that comes from the core of heart, really touch others’ hearts”.

Fourthly, you need a collection of words. Look! words are not created for staying in dictionary. Words are created to express each and every emotion distinctly. If you have a large collection of words, you are delivering a huge percentage of your emotions and vice versa.

Lastly (for now), you need to be simple. Don’t try to pretend to be more than what you are. Whenever a person goes for more, he fall. Only try to learn for more and more. Be simple and be nice with others as you want others to be with you. Do what you want to get. Write like you are talking and understanding others. Treat others nicely whether they are harsh towards you. At least, it is what Islam says that be kind with every one. Love has more power than anger. If someone gets harsh on you, you should give him more love than usual. This will take him back towards you. Allah says that He can forgive His Rights but He will never forgive the rights of men until or unless the person forgive you himself. So, never break anyone’s heart. If it had happened unintentionally, you’ll lose nothing with a simple “Sorry”. The more lovely words you’ll add with sorry, the more it’ll be easy for you to have forgiveness. The hearts are more important than ideas. Don’t break anyone’s heart for the sake of an idea.


I hope that you’ll like it. Whatever good was in it, was from Allah and whatever wrong was in it, was from my own self. If there was some harsh word, please forgive me, considering me as your brother.

Please notify me about whatever you think is wrong. Might be, today, you can teach me some new thing. Waiting for your comments.


What do you say about it?

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