Pakistan! Whether you win or lose, you are our OWN.

I didn’t blogged from a while due to college studies and magazine proofreading but today I want to blog before any result is announced. The criterion of love is not to love someone for his success but the criterion is to love someone for his sacrifice for us. Even if someone our own had been wrong, neither we should throw him out of our house nor we should treat him badly, in fact, we should correct him with kindness.

I am not interested in Cricket but I would like to say that Pakistani Cricket Team have done a lot for our country’s pride. Pakistani team is a favourite team today while our neighbours (Afghanistan) do not stand in good position. We should thank Pakistani Cricket Team for their service to their country. It is not less that we are going very well and we have beaten a team like Australia. Why should we treat our team badly for only one loss while ignoring thousand of victories they achieved in our name?

The Victory is not in winning or losing but doing better and everything a person can is the thing that counts the real victory. Isn’t it a great success that Pakistan has reached in Semi-Final?

We are praying to Allah for our team and we will be praying to Allah for our team. We hope to win this Semi-Final (today) but winning Semi-Final should not be our only goal. Pakistani team was our team (at least it was MY country’s team) and we will not (at least I will not) get displeased with them whether they WIN or lose and my prayers are always with Pakistani team. Pakistan is my OWN team and the players are my OWN players (my brothers and the citizen of MY Nation).

The song of Jawad Ahmed (Hamein Tum se Pyar hai) gives us a beautiful message. TUMJEETO YA HAARO, SUNO!!! HAMEIN TUM SE PYAR HAI (Whether you WIN or lose, keep in mind!!! We LOVE you). Enjoy the song!!!!!



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