MOM’s french fries

French fries are very famous and favourite dish among children but adults also like it equally. It is a very delicious dish when you want to enjoy (especially in rainy days). But french fries made by one’s mother is more delicious than any of the french fries available, whether in McDonalds or by the side of the road.

Both of them looks almost similar.

I like McDonald's [fries] and I cannot [lie]

French Fries

But those which are fried by mother are more delicious (although a few of them get more burnt) because mother put her love in those fries while which you get in restaurants are without love. The love of a mother for her child is the purest form of love whether a child loves his/her mother or not. Because of that love, even an ordinary thing becomes very valuable.

If you watch her doing anything for you, you’ll realize that it’s not possible to pay her for her love. And in return, she just want her child to be happy. This is real love. Holy Prophet Muhammad said that watching your mother once with smile is equal to one greatest Hajj.

We can make our mother happy with just a smile but we don’t have much time for a single smile. A mother can also die for her child and can also kill anyone for her child. I always pray that May Allah keep everyone safe from the wrath of a mother. We should always seek the prayers of our mother. Holy Prophet said that if seventy thousand great saints pray at same time and a mother pray contrary to that, Allah will reject the prayer of great saints and will accept the prayer of a mother.

I don’t have much time to write blogs and get involved in other such activities but today’s french fries forced me to write on the love of a mother. I do not have more words to express but I hope you can understand it.


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