Osama bin Laden

Azam Choudhary commented on a video (Osama Bin Laden EXECUTION Video!) at facebook, “death of dead person :)”

I replied: “really true. I don’t know why people like Yusuf Raza Gillani and Karzai are also serious on this topic. I think it’s not more than a joke. The story needs to be ended which was started by America himself. Pakistan was just a target and that’s why Osama was killed in Pakistan. I don’t know that if he was killed in Pakistan, why they took him to America and why they didn’t showed his dead body. Can’t any intelligent person think on these points?

“Do you noticed that first they wrote “Osama TERMINATED” and later changed to “DECEASED”. What does Terminated means? Is it used for any human being? It shows clearly that Osama was a puppet of America which was CREATED by America, died SEVERAL TIMES for America, re-born SEVERAL TIMES for America and now TERMINATED for America”.


What do you say about it?

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