Why I am not interested in the West?

I have been hearing about the beauties of Europe from my childhood; Switzerland, Paris, Italy and its city Venice, Scotland, New York etc. But I am never attracted towards any of these. I have never expressed it but today, I want to pen on the topic “Why I am not interested in the West?”

How this topic came in my mind?

Today, I wrote a status on MSN Live Messenger “I love to chat with Arabs, Persians and Turks. I want to learn about Bengalis, Indonessians and people near them.” It was also posted on facebook. I got a reply of Amina Witzgall “What is with Europan?”. I replied her, “After a lot of consideration, I am not able to state the summary of my thoughts in less than 2 questions, with answers in them.
How can I step out before crossing the door of my house? And why should I cross the door of my house when every thing is available in my house?”

Now, we should move step by step; from the history to the conclusion.



Why I posted this status message?

Instead of going in long histories (that why my interest has been created much in East and almost none in West), that might be boring to you, you should just know that from past few years, my interest in different cultures and languages have increased tremendously. I am doing every possible thing (from buying books, dictionaries to downloading PDFs and joining LiveMocha etc) to learn them. It is a different issue that my studies are not allowing me to study these things. For this reason, whenever possible, I try to talk with people of that culture to learn the culture and language and share the ideas to get aware of the mindset of those people. Today, luckily, I was chatting with a Turkish friend. After that chat, I posted this status.


Reason for my response

I have dozens of reasons for not showing interest in the West (or at least not now). Presently, the only thing that connects me to the West and America is the Muslims living there. Otherwise, I don’t have any reason for looking at the West. Four groups of reasons are stated below:

Firstly, the old cultures and knowledge is found in the East. The bases of Science and almost every knowledge is found in the East. Arabs and Persians had great philosophers. The most complex and diverse languages are found in the East. I do not have to step out for my interests. “why should I cross the door of my house when every thing is available in my house?”

Secondly, the West is different than the East. The languages and cultures of the West have similarities among them while the languages and cultures of the East have similarities among them. So, if I am from the East, it is easy for me to learn different cultures and languages of the East. So, easy thing should go first.

Thirdly, the history of Islam revolves around the East. The history of almost every religion revolves around the East. Even the major religion of America (Christianity) have its roots in the East and, for this reason, the Christians of the West look towards the East. So, sooner or later, I have to learn about the East (directly or indirectly). On the other hand, knowing about the West is not important for me. Why so should I leave the important thing for non-important one? I am not saying that I will not try to learn about the West but the important should go first.

Last but not the least. Slow and steady wins the race. I am not here to win the race but I am going slowly. As here are a lot of things related to me and my interests, I think I should, at least, have full introduction of it before stepping towards new things. Keep in mind, I am not saying to have full KNOWLEDGE of those things, just a full introduction. So, first I have to learn my house before learning the outer world. “How can I step out before crossing the door of my house?”


I’ll be waiting for your comments.


One thought on “Why I am not interested in the West?

  1. AssalamuAlaikum.
    A pretty interesting topic and thoughts. Since everyone has a different way of thinking and it also depends on what factors they are considering whilst having such thoughts, I’d say that I still find it hard to decide whether i am interested in West or not. I have not spent much time in the East so there are many things which are hidden from me. In general I would also prefer the East but after spending so much in the West I’d say I will find it difficult. What mainly attracts me towards the East is Islam’s history and Sufism. Can’t say more than this due to limited knowledge.

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