Forgotten our Great forefathers.

I do not have time but I still want to shed some tears on Muslims and their recent history. I only want to say that Muslims have left the footsteps of their forefathers and non-Muslims are adopting those footsteps. This is the reason why non-Muslims have become the world power. Those golden words and acts of Great Muslims have the power to change the nations, to build the nations and to drive the nation perfectly through every wet and dry.

Today, we have either forgotten our forefathers or we are just celebrating their days. Today, we do not learn anything from their lives. Today, we have written thousands of books, on them, of hundreds of pages. Today, we can debate for hours on their lives. But today, we can not act on their actions. Today, we have gone far away from them. Today, we have distorted the shape of Islam. Muslims have been divided in two different groups; one that totally rejects Islam and others that have limited Islam to verbal boundaries. For these people Iqbal have said,

وقت است کہ بکشائم میخانۂ رومی باز

پیرانِ حرم دیدم در صحنِ کلیسا مست

In خطاب بہ جوانانِ اسلام, he said,

تجھے آبا سے اپنے کوئی نسبت ہو نہیں سکتی

کہ تو گفتار، وہ کردار، تو ثابت، وہ سیّارا

گنوا دی ہم نے جو اسلاف سے میراث پائی تھی

ثریا سے زمیں پر آسماں نے ہم کو دے مارا

Whenever Muslims have stopped following the footsteps of their forefathers, they have gone to decline. From the Umayyad Dynasty to Abbasid Caliphate, people were forgotten in personal wars. Some people used their family status and wealth to acquire high ranks while others used the tricks of speech to pull them down. If Umayyad Dynasty was grown on the base of wealth, Abbasid Caliphate was grown on the base of rebellion, apparently for others’ good but actually for the good of their own souls. From the start, when Muslims gained power, they forgot Allah but when the misfortune fall on them, they start remembering Allah, like the Ottoman Caliph was counting beats before the decline of the Great Ottoman Empire. Allama Iqbal said,

یہ مصرع لکھ دیا کس شوخ نے محرابِ مسجد پر

یہ ناداں گر گئے سجدوں میں جب وقتِ قیام آیا

Here, I would just like to state that Muslims of Sub-Continent wanted to keep the Caliphate system because this was the system of democracy and justice. The real Caliphate is the Caliphate of first 30 years after Holy Prophet . That was the Caliphate which is the role model for democratic and powerful nations, today. It was the Caliphate where Caliph was a servant, instead of a ruler, and Allah was the real ruler Who will also judge the Caliph. Allama Iqbal said about those Great Muslims,

سماں اَلْفَقْرُ فَخْرِیْ کا رہا شانِ امارت میں

’’بآب و رنگ و خال و خط چہ حاجت روئے زیبارا‘‘

گدائی میں بھی وہ اللہ والے تھے غیور اتنے

کہ منعم کو گدا کے ڈر سے بخشش کا نہ تھا یارا

غرض میں کیا کہوں تجھ سے کہ وہ صحرا نشیں کیا تھے

جہاں گیر و جہاں دار و جہاں بان و جہاں آرا

But we lost everything just because we forgot to follow the footsteps of our forefathers. We have distorted the shape of Islam and turned it into a business. Today, the essence of Islam is not found in any group of Muslims. We have lost the knowledge of our forefathers.That’s why Allama Iqbal said,

رہا نہ حلقۂ صوفی میں سوزِ مشتاقی

فسانہ ہائے کرامات رہ گئے باقی

خراب کوشکِ سلطان و خانقاہِ فقیر

فغاں کہ تخت و مصلّٰی کمالِ زرّاقی

کرے گی داورِ محشر کو شرمسار اِک روز

کتابِ صوفی و مّلّا کی سادہ اوراقی

In خطاب بہ جوانانِ اسلام, he said,

مگر وہ علم کے موتی، کتابیں اپنے آبا کی

جو دیکھیں اُن کے یورپ میں تو دل ہوتا ہے سیپارا

’’غنی روزِ سیاہِ پیرِ کنعاں را تماشا کن

کہ نورِ دید اش روشن کند چشمِ زلیخارا‘‘

If we finally got rid of the bad Caliphs of the Great Ottoman Empire, we got into further decline. The democratic Caliphate system was changed into secular system of modern Turkey. The only person responsible for this was the DICTATOR Atatürk. Like everyone else, Roger Hardy also said in his book, The Muslim Revolt, “He (Atatürk) turned a large Muslim country, which had played a not insignificant role in the story of Islam, into a secular republic modeled on European lines.”

He further tells about Atatürk, “(Halide) Edib worked as Atatürk’s secretary and translator and was the only woman in his circle. …… But if she admired the leader, she was frequently exasperated by the man. ‘He was by turns cynical, suspicious, unscrupulous and satanically shrewd,’ she wrote in her memoir, The Turkish Ordeal. ‘He bullied. He indulged in cheap street-corner heroics.”

Although Atatürk changed the shape of Turkey but he has actually distorted the shape of Islam. Whatever he did is not hidden from the world. He made several good reforms but, mostly, he cut off the next Muslim generations of Turkey from their Great forefathers. Roger Hardy said, “His aim was nothing less than to pluck Turkey from the Muslim East and make it part of the modern West.”

And hence, there remains no difference between modern Turkey, which is away from Islamic knowledge and sources, and the illiterate scholars of East, who, although celebrate the days of the Great Muslims, but never teach people about their accomplishments, their faiths, their success and their teachings.

Hazrat Ali (karam Allahu ‘ala wajhahu-l kareem) was born on 13th of Rajab and we celebrate his birthday but we lack his character and teachings. Allama Iqbal said,

مکتبوں میں کہیں رعنائیِ افکار بھی ہے؟

خانقاہوں میں کہیں لذّتِ اَسرار بھی ہے؟

منزلِ راہرواں دور بھی، دشوار بھی ہے

کوئی اس قافلے میں قافلہ سالار بھی ہے؟

بڑھ کے خیبر سے ہے یہ معرکۂ دین و وطن

اس زمانے میں کوئی حیدرِ کرّار بھی ہے؟

And he said at another place,

دارا و سکندر سے وہ مردِ فقیر اولیٰ

ہو جس کی فقیری میں بوئے اسد اللّٰہی


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