Creation–The Story of My Study Room–1st episode

Allah, in the name of the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Peace and Blessings be upon His Messenger and Beloved People.


The Story of My Study Room


Shahrukh (14)

Sometimes, something in life, unintentionally, creates a memory. Sometimes, these memories create such a feeling of happiness that a person wants to extend this happiness also to the people other than friends. One thing that brought smile on our face can also be the source of bringing smiles of other’s face. A happy moment and smile due to it should never die because there are already millions of sorrows entangling people.

The oldest picture, I had, of that wall or that area was the one attached above. Even till my childhood, this area was not our property. I remember that the children of the village used to jump in from the closed doors and play games at there. It was only a small and empty field between three rooms at one side and three at other. Then we purchased the land and those six rooms were converted into five rooms (two were combined to make one). Now, it has seven rooms (including my study room), one kitchen and one store room. If you check the historic pictures of any place at Google Earth, you’ll see that maps and shapes of a land changes a lot from time to time.

Shahrukh (15)The picture above and the picture on left were taken on Eid in 2005. These pictures were taken on Friday, 4th November, 2005. When I had my first bookshelf, I thought what to place in the empty shelves. Later, there was not enough space to place my books in that shelf. I wanted to have a small library since a long while. Later, the idea was changed into a study room with a small library. Pictures can speak more in less time. Let’s see the story of the ‘Creation’ of My Study Room from the eye of camera. The following pictures were taken on Monday, 27th July, 2009.

27-07-2009 (35)

27-07-2009 (36)

27-07-2009 (37)

27-07-2009 (38)

27-07-2009 (39)

27-07-2009 (40)

27-07-2009 (41)


to be continued…


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