Destruction/Ending–The Story of My Study Room–4th episode


27-04-2010 (17)


05-05-2010 (12)

05-05-2010 (13)



09-08-2010 (4)

Natural destruction:

09-08-2010 (1)

09-08-2010 (2)

09-08-2010 (3)






Can you see the bend?




Here’s the person responsible for all that. But the other one is more responsible than him.

If they are professionals, they should know what problems can occur

and they should have taken some precautionary measures.


The main one is the one in the following picture.


The story doesn’t finishes here. The last episode is to come.

One thought on “Destruction/Ending–The Story of My Study Room–4th episode

  1. Assalam and once again Ramadan Mubarak to you and all Family. Kioun Shahrukh bhai? Aap Inn becharon ko itni saza kioun day rahein hein? I know it’s such a big mess! Koi bat nahin Ji, jaldi thik ho ga aur saaf bhi Inshaallah! Baba bhi saat saat namaz bhi par raha hein, Mashaallah! Ous ko meri salaam kehna! But be careful about these tiny precious one! It’s only for a couple of days and all will be back to normal! Allah Hafiz!

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