Tags are very important.

Writing an article in a magazine or a newspaper is different than writing a weblog entry. There are a lot of things that differ and a person should be aware of them before going on for either of them. If you just look at the first thing that how reader will pick up your topic (and that’s what our today’s topic is), the articles are chosen by topics and weblog entries are chosen by tags. Let’s discuss it in a little detail.

The selection of an article is focused on the topic of the article. The title of the article summarizes the whole topic and reflects the thoughts of a writer in two to three words. The art of title selection is that every aspect of the topic should be covered in it. Otherwise, it’d be very strange when you pick up an article and comes to know that it is not something what is written in title or not totally what title says. Reading the articles that you do not want to read would be just wastage of time and, hence, title gives you a quick idea of the matter inside the article.

A title should always be appealing so that a reader should read the topic. Sometimes, the article is very nicely written but it is not read much because of inappropriate or less appealing title. I use to say, to my friends, that neither reader is some kind of alien nor you are some kind of alien; readers are also like writers and have same kind of thoughts, feelings and nature. Before choosing something for other, try to thing that how you’ll like that thing. If you are not delighted with something, how can you expect someone, of your thoughts, to be delighted by it? So first of all, imagine yourself, in every condition, before applying it to others. And I guess that when you go out for reading an article or buying a book, you first read the title or header (as I do). So, I think title is very important for any book, any article or any story.

How to select a title and how to modify the inappropriate title is not the thing we are going to discuss here. Our topic is regarding tags. How tags are important? And before that, we’ll go to what tags are and what is the difference between a tag and a title. In the beginning, I didn’t know what tag meant in internet world. To me, a tag was just like a sticker like the one that are given on airport to tag the bags. Understanding ‘tag a picture’ was easier for me than to understand ‘tags’ in a weblog post. Tags are just the words that tell you what the body of post deals with.

Now, the question arose that what is the difference between a title and a tag. The title was a single phrase that describes the matter of the article while the tags are unlimited number of different short keywords. Tags never come in place of title and can never substitute a title but are equally important. For example, if a title says ‘Admission in Medical Colleges in Pakistan’, the tags might be ‘Pakistan’, ‘medical’, ‘college’, names of all the colleges listed in the post, ‘PMDC’, ‘UHS’, ‘F.Sc’, ‘Entrance Test’, ‘MCAT’, etcetera. After adding all these tags, the topic is placed under these tags and whenever a person search any word among these, the post will come up according to its search rating. I think the readers would know more than me, especially those who use twitter (hashtags in twitter are common).

Now, the last question of this boring and nor much worthy discussion is that how tags are important. When a person is searching a title in market, he goes through a bundle of titles and then selects the ones that he likes the most. Everyone knows that searching is different on computers and internet. The articles and posts are not placed in front of you to explore them but you have to give some word that what you want to search. So, there are only two possibilities; either that you know the exact title of the thing you are searching or you search the tags. When you know the exact title, then there is no problem but how many times you know the titles of the things you read on internet? There is very rare chance that I know the names of the medical colleges I am searching. So, if someone don’t know the exact title of my article, it is very difficult to search it without tags. But, if I had entered tags, might be he comes to my topic (placed under the tag he is searching) while exploring randomly. So, aren’t tags important for getting more readers?

I have been using tumblr from a while and I am using it like twitter i.e. I am posting short entries. This thing takes the shape of a single quotation and I have been doing the same thing even before (on twitter, facebook, MSN and Yahoo! status bars). The thing that attracted me towards tumblr is that it is like a blog and the posts are archived. What I experienced was that even after using nice words and nice titles, the posts were not liked by anyone. I guess only my friends used to read it because I used to send them the link, personally. Otherwise, it would have not read, even by them, as it would have not appeared under any tag. It is very rare that exact words of your body are searched and, if any word of your post’s body is searched, you are not alone to use it and internet is a vast sea. From the last two posts, I have been adding tags even in my tumblr posts. Within 3 days, I got 10 likes on one post and within 2 days, I got 3 likes on another post. Although it is not a large number but, at least, it is much larger than the previous posts. So, what helped me to get higher rank in search, appear in different searches and get read by different people, among which there were some that liked it. The answer is TAGS.

I never thought that I could write that much long post for some unimportant thing. As the post has already gone too much long, so I will not try to extend it by writing on how to add tags and what kind of tags should be added. If, some other day, I feel free enough to write on it, I will surely write on it but remember it is NOT A PROMISE. If you have been reading till end, then note my tumblr link before closing the browser. http://rhythmaticlife.tumblr.com/


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