My Lahore Trip–The Gold Quran Gallery.

Before going to Quran Gallery, we went to see the sacred things placed in that mosque. Those Holy things were collected by Muslim kings and, sometimes, presented to other each other. Whenever I go to Lahore, I want to see those things. The pictures are not allowed there.

Fortunately, I am very lucky that I get special permissions because of a few very dear persons (who are government officials). I am always thankful to Allah that he provided me such beautiful opportunities that an ordinary person cannot avail easily, although I am nothing more than an ordinary Pakistani.

On 27th June, the Qila (fort) and the mosque were closed due to the security for the annual Sikh function (as there is a tomb of one of their Guru). Not allowing Muslims to enter the mosque, only Sikhs’ function, in a Muslim-majority country was not as bad as, in the same conditions, allowing a non-Muslim foreigner to visit the mosque. What is the explanation? Pakistan already do not have a good image in foreign and if we stop them from visiting sites, they’ll have a bad image of Pakistan. O Allah! Help us to be just with our own people. How can anyone justify this situation? Either allow both, Muslims and non-Muslims, or stop both. And I am very ashamed to see that the foreigner was visiting the mosque with bare knees. Was that a place of worship or a beech where he was standing? And then we say that Allah do not love us as He had loved our ancestors.

Well, I went to see the Holy and Sacred Things and I took only two pictures. Although I had the permission to take the pictures but I was reluctant just because they were sacred. I have deleted those two pictures from my mobile because I have transferred them to my computer. In my opinion, these things should not be photographed when every ordinary person have the chance to see them personally. For the same reason, I am not going to upload those two pictures. The sacred things should never be treated like ordinary things.

After that, we went to see the Qur’an Gallery in the mosque. It was closed (as there was no public in the mosque other than a few workers) but we managed to get it opened and visit it with a former guide, Liaquat Ali Shah Sahib. That was the first time I came to know the history of that Gallery. Before that, I only knew that there were 30 Chapters, written with gold, in the form of 30 books. Liaquat Ali Shah Sahib told us that the artist lost his family in a fire accident. To get mental peace, he started writing Qur’an with gold (on cloth). Later, in the time of Gen. Zia-ul-Haq, this was displayed in Badshahi mosque. See the pictures below:


21st October, 1979




Liaquat Shah Sahib on right and Driver Shahbaz on left.


270620111077     270620111078

270620111079     270620111082



Next episode will be the visit to the mausoleum of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal. It will be posted before Thursday (in-sha-Allah). You can come back on Thursday. May Allah Bless you and Protect you.


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