My Lahore Trip–Allama Iqbal’s Mausoleum


Assaalamo Alaikom.

Allama Iqbal was the famous poet of sub-continent. He was titled as The Poet of East. He had a good command on Urdu, Persian, Arabic and German languages.

Although his original poetry is in Urdu and Persian languages, the translations could be found in many languages including Turkish, English, and Italian etc. His poetry is dedicated to the Muslims of the world, especially the Muslims of sub-continent. He is also considered as a Sufi. He was born in Sialkot and studied there. Later, he went to England for Ph.D. in Philosophy. He also acquired a lot of knowledge from the soil of Germany. He dedicated his rest of the life for his nation and is buried in Lahore. Two of Iqbal’s Persian stanzas are inscribed at the window of the mausoleum.

بیا تا کارِایں امّت بسازیم
قمارِ زندگی مردانہ بازیم
چناں نالیم اندر مسجدِ شہر
کہ دل در سینۂ ملا گدازیم


آؤ تا کہ اس امت کے (بگڑے ہوئے) کام سنواریں
زندگی کی بازی مردانہ وار کھیلیں۔
شہر کی مسجد میں اس طرح نالہ و فریاد کریں
کہ کے ملا کے سینے میں دل کو گداز کر دیں۔


His small in size but great mausoleum is outside Badshahi mosque, containing a grave and a little place to stand beside. His tombstone was gifted by the people of Afghanistan. Couplets and Quranic verses were selected, calligraphed and inscribed in Afghanistan. What I have seen during the visit was really amazing for me and I want to share it with you. When Liaquat Ali Shah Sahib lit the matchstick behind almost 4 inch thick stone, the glowed and the light was visible from other side.





Two Persian stanzas are inscribed on the front side of the tombstone.

نہ افغانیم و نہ ترک و تتاریم
چمن زادیم و ازیک شاخساریم
تمیز رنگ و بو برما حرام است
کہ ماپرور دۂ یک نو بہاریم





See the picture and try to note something.


If you haven’t got it, see the picture below.

I have zoomed, rotated and sharpened the picture.



The word “Muhammad” is in the center, surrounded by four “Iqbal”s at four edges.



The guards outside the mausoleum.

And here is Khalifa Gulam Sarwar Sahib



One thought on “My Lahore Trip–Allama Iqbal’s Mausoleum

  1. That was really your amazing trip that you are sharing with us. I’m praying that the Famous poet Allama Iqbal will have a great place in Jannat. Jazak Allah Sharukh Bhai.

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