My Lahore Trip–Minar-e-Pakistan


Assalamo Alaikom.

After Badshahi mosque, we went to Minar-e-Pakistan. This is a 175 feet tall minaret (if I am recalling correctly what I was told in year 2004 or 2005, when I visited it). It was constructed in the memory of the Lahore Resolution (passed on 23rd May 1940). Liaquat Ali Shah Sahib told me that the workers used to construct it with ablution and his father was also the one among those workers. He further added that 2 workers died, by falling down, while putting the cap of this minaret.

If you remember, we also saw Minar-e-Pakistan from the window of Badshahi mosque in the first episode of ‘My Lahore Trip’. That picture is also attached below:

Please click the small pictures to enlarge.



The flower at the foot of the minaret.

And driver Shahbaz is going towards the lift.


The lift, surrounded by rounded stairs.

This minaret is closed since 2007 due to the suicide attempts. I was in Lahore in 2007 when the minaret was closed. I wanted to visit it. It was again opened a day later. Shortly it was closed again and till now it is closed. You can see that there no one near the minaret. We are thankful to Mr. Shafique Raza for giving us the permission to visit the minaret and sending two security guards to guide us.


The lifts were not working that day as they had been closed since almost 4 years, without any maintenance.


The view from the first floor.

DSCF0677       DSCF0679

DSCF0680       DSCF0681

You can see that it is not a circle around the minaret. It is actually the crescent. There are two crescent around the minaret, one each surrounding one half. This gives a very beautiful scene when it is filled with water and lights are switched on.



It is the second floor (I guess; because we landed on every floor and took the pictures). One one side is the Lahore city and on other side were the the mausoleums of Daata Sahib Pir Makki and Allama Iqbal, Badshahi mosque, the Sikhs’ Marrhi and the Lahore Fort.

DSCF0684       DSCF0685

DSCF0686       DSCF0687


It is the third floor.

The minaret is built on a star. Two crescents and one star makes the Pakistan’s flag from both sides.


Look! we are on the topmost floor (175 feet above the ground).


DSCF0690       DSCF0693

DSCF0694       DSCF0695

DSCF0696       DSCF0697

Let’s see if you can identify the minarets of the mausoleum of Data Darbar or not.

Hint: It is on left of the Badshahi mosque in these pictures.

DSCF0699       DSCF0701

DSCF0702       DSCF0704


Pakistani flag



It is the place where the conference of March 1940 was held. Here was the stage where our leaders mentioned the name of Pakistan for the first time in history. The Lahore Resolution was passed on 23rd March 1940. Then, it was called Minto Park. Now, it is called Allama Iqbal Park. That day is celebrated as Pakistan Day.

DSCF0713       DSCF0714





I will try to upload the pictures of The Lahore Museum next week.

Till then, take care and Allah Hafiz.


3 thoughts on “My Lahore Trip–Minar-e-Pakistan

  1. Assalam. Yeh to eik bahaat bara kaam aap nay kiya hein Shahrukh Bhai. I think you have taken all the pictures in every directions of the Minaret and I especially like the one you took from the top of the Minaret.. Keep it up!

  2. تصاویر کے لئے شکریہ ۔ ۔ ۔
    پر محترم میری سمجھ میں یہ بات نہیں آ رہی ہے کہ آپ نے تصویر کاپی کرنے پر پابندی کیوں لگا دی ہے ۔ جب تصویر میں آپ نے اپنا نام ڈال ہی دیا ہے تو کیوں دوسرں کو اس سے مستفید نہیں ہونے دے رہے ۔۔۔۔

    • محترم! جس شخص نے نقل کرنی ہے اُس نے یہ پڑھ کر بھی باز نہیں آنا۔ یہ اس وجہ سے نہیں لکھا کہ لوگ اسے نقل نہ کریں خواہ کہ آپ جیسے چند لوگ یہ پڑھ کر ہی نقل نہیں کریں گے۔ یہ صرف اس وجہ سے لکھا ہے کہ نقل کرنے کے بعد اگر کوئی اسے مٹانا چاہے تو اُسے مشکل پیش آئے۔ رہی بات دوستوں کی تو وہ مجھ سے بڑے سائز کی تصوری بھی حاصل کر سکتے ہیں۔

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