My Lahore Trip–Queen Noor Jehan’s Tomb (part 2)

A brief introduction of Empress Noor Jehan (wife of King Jehangir – Prince Saleem – and step-mother of King Shah Jehan) was provided in the last episode. Today, we are going to her original grave in the basement.

28-06-2011 (53)

28-06-2011 (52)

The worker is opening the gate of the stairs.

28-06-2011 (54)

There is no light there. The reason is told that it was Noor Jehan’s wish as said in her Persian stanza:

بر مزارِ ما غریباں نے چراغ و نے گلے

نے پَرِ پروانہ سوزد نے صدائے بلبلے

It means, on the grave of we poor people, there is neither candle nor flower;

neither is any moth to burn zealously nor is any sound of nightingale.

But this interpretation has two problems with it. Firstly, the poet of the above mentioned stanza is unknown but, most of the times, is mistakenly attributed to Queen Noor Jehan. Secondly, the reason why there was no electric candle hung when it was made is that, at that time, there was no electricity. If Noor Jehan willed to had her grave in darkness, then why there are two windows (that will be mentioned below)? Are we more aware of Noor Jehan’s wish or herself? His son also spent a lot of money, like water, on the tombs of his relatives

28-06-2011 (55)

The walls are not as beautiful as they were once but still the stones are the same which were used in that time.

28-06-2011 (56)

The specialty of these stones is that they become warm in winters and cold in summers.

28-06-2011 (57)

The picture below is the entrance to the grave.

28-06-2011 (58)

The picture below was a tunnel that was closed after the partition India.

These were two tunnels (on left and right to the gate in the above picture).

28-06-2011 (59)

Can you see how history has distorted the beautiful shapes for world-lovers?

28-06-2011 (60)

For all of this and the stanza mentioned above, I wrote in my booklet, In the memory of Nawab Sahib:

“Many magnificent kings of their time have been devoured by death and their mausoleums are seen wrapped in desolation. Time has turned their mausoleums into objects of fear. Useless is such reputation and dignity that is never remember by the people nor somebody is seen reciting Fateha on these tombs. Ravages of time deteriorate these tombbs and push them into dreary oblivion. Magnificent death is of those whose funerals are performed with grandeur and veneration in spite of having no family relationship. A grave of soil laden with rose petals is better than the tombs of marble having no rose, no candle nor a moth to burn zealously or a nightingale singing over there. It is historic fact that dignified aura of these kings is demolished as soon as their bodies slip into the clutches of death. But Auliya Allah (friends of God) never depend upon this body, composed of clay, nor they are affected by the decline and decay that is obvious destiny of mortal body.”

The rectangle, in the picture below, is the mark where the tomb stone is on the ground.

28-06-2011 (61)

The bodies were hanged with this rectangular line (in the box) with very valuable diamonds, jewels and gems. I cannot understand that what was the need of hanging gems with corpses when they are of no use of corpse.

They must have thought that those gems would be used to bribe the angels Open-mouthed smile

28-06-2011 (62)

However, after the Muslim rule, Sikh rule period came. Rangit Singh took all those jewels and gems and buried the corpses under the mud. Now see the fate of the mortal Empress and her mortal daughter. There are only the chains to identify the grave.

The same thing what I said in the last episode. The fate of ever mortal and lustful person is nothing more than this. If a person loves this world, the history will destroy his every mark. And, on the other hand, see the cruelty of Sikh rulers. It was very hard for Muslims to live in India under the rule of non-Muslims. The peace was impossible without partition as Muslims do sacrifice cow while Hindus regard the cow as their god.

28-06-2011 (63)

This is the window from where the first ray of the sun enters at the beginning of the day.

28-06-2011 (64)

Below is the window from where the last ray of the sun leaves at the end of the day.

28-06-2011 (67)

28-06-2011 (65)

28-06-2011 (66)

28-06-2011 (68)

28-06-2011 (69)

28-06-2011 (70)

The only thing we can do is to pray for the Empress that May Allah forgive her for whatever bad she had ever done.

28-06-2011 (71)

What she had done is with her and history has taught her a great lesson. But we should only pray for her and should only seek the lesson from this. The love of the world yields nothing other than all this.

28-06-2011 (72)

And today, she do not have even a singel descendant to stand on her grave and pray for her.

28-06-2011 (73)

Howsoever bad she was, she was a Muslim and we should pray for her.

28-06-2011 (74)

May Allah keep her in peace and forgive her.

28-06-2011 (75)

Before leaving, why shouldn’t we see what the government workers do here.

28-06-2011 (78)

They do not have anything other than drinking “chai” (tea) and playing cards.

28-06-2011 (79)

What can they do other than this when they do not have any tourist to guide.

28-06-2011 (80)

They are just spending their days free and having their pay from government. Isn’t it a loss of government’s money? But, at least, they are having some job when people are getting jobless every day.

28-06-2011 (81)

Why have they blocked the road in the picture below?

28-06-2011 (82)

People think that it is to earn money for ticket for visiting this grave. But don’t we think that it’s because people do not stay here to buy the ticket and, for that, they’ve to set this trap. We are not happy in buying this ticket but we happily buy the ticket of the museums and cinemas.

In front of this tomb is the grave of Pir Ghulam Ali Shah Qadiri

28-06-2011 (83)

At last, we appeal the Government of Pakistan to either repair this tomb so that tourist should be pleased to visit this ruin of history and government can earn from this place or have some use of the large park around this grave so that Pakistan’s property should not remain wasted when people do not have a place to build their home on.


7 thoughts on “My Lahore Trip–Queen Noor Jehan’s Tomb (part 2)

  1. Thank you Shahrukh Bhai of having share this beautiful adventures with us. Yes we have to ask doah for her so that she rests in Peace! Ameen!

  2. wonderful pictures ,awesome work and collection thank you so much for taking us to the secret parts of this tomb 🙂

      • Wonderful effort ! Lot of sentimental touch ! Pleas correct the following typo errors to make it even better :-
        Noor Jehan was not mother of Shah Jehan the son of Jehangir but actually was despised by him as she was his step mother and was fighting against him to make her son-in-law , married to her only daughter from Sher Afghan (her first husband ) to be the successor of Jehangir. Her brother Asif ‘ s daughter ( Arjumand Bano later Mumtaz Mahal )was married to Shah Jehan and he fought against his sister Noor Jehan to make his son in law the king and succeeded . That is why she was not buried like queens as ShahJehan treated her poorly .
        You also write that she was not a Muslim ! That is the most unfortunate typo error .
        Her name was Mehrunissa and she was daughter of Mirza Ghias Baig !
        Sikhs and non muslims stole all jewels from any Muslim monument that they could ,including Taj Mahal !
        You are right that Pakistani Govt has no shame to protect this historical Muslim heritage but can make multiple palaces for themselves at the expense of Pakistani nation,

      • Thank you very much for pointing out these mistakes.
        1) A long time ago, when I saw the film and saw that her mother asked Akbar to marry him to her daughter, I questioned that how is it possible in Islam? Then I came to know that her daughter was from her previous husband. I didn’t knew the name of Sher Afghan then as I was not told. But, today, I came to know that she was not even the mother of Jehangir. Sorry for my lack of interest in Mughals.
        2) It was a mistake. I wanted to write that as she is a Muslim, we should pray for her. You know that we are not allowed to pray for the maghrifah of a kaafir. It is what was told to Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.).
        In this post, there was also another such mistake. Actually, I was going to write a sentence and suddenly there came another sentence and I didn’t noticed that I haven’t erased the previous one.

        Thank you for visiting, reading and pointing out errors.
        May Allah Bless you.

  3. Many years back( about 20 yrs) , I visited Noor Jehan’s Tomb. The guide took us to the basement from rear of the tomb with lantren light and showed us the coffin hanging with thick iron chains. Is that coffin still there? Kindly comment

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