Locked out

I am locked out. I was watching a movie with my cousins who are also my neighbours. It’s 1 at night. When I came back, they’ve locked their doors. When reach to my room, it was locked. My room is with my parents’ room and when I am late, they lock it. Today I’ve knocked it 3 times but I guess my parents are sleeping in their room. I can see from the door that no one is sleeping on my bed, so the knocking is useless. Usually my mother sleeps at my bed until I return. Last days, the doors remained open untill I come back. I do have a study room upstairs. Although it don’t have A.C. but today the weather is nice due to yesterday’s raining. However my keys are in the cupboard of my locked room. There is also a guest room upstairs but its key is also in the same keychain which contains the key of my study room. Other key is also locked inside. I have a laptop but with very low battery because we just saw a movie on it. I am typing on my old iPhone 3G (it’s not exactly mine. When my father bought new, he didn’t saled it). It’s only 3G and not S. The only facility which is locked and I am using is the WiFi. It remained on because I forgot to switch it off, when I went to my cousins’ house, like I forgot to switch off laptop’s WiFi when we were watching movie.

Do you know why I am not knocking again or knocked harder? I am enjoying everything. It’s 01:20 here.


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