Journey of a Seeker Of Sacred Knowledge

Salams! Please could you out this up jazak Allah

Due to the recent despicable act of making a filthy and abhorrent film, by some sick-minded beings, and trying to attribute this to the Prophet I decided to write this. This film was not made in the name of so called “freedom of Speech” as, this much coveted freedom that certain quarters desire so much, must have some kind of boundaries, at least for anybody with who wishes to preserve the sanctity and sanity of their minds and souls.

Let me draw your attention to something immediately. This so called freedom of speech you talk about, does in fact have boundaries, but only to those whose agenda it serves. Holocaust denial is illegal in certain countries, and if ones denies this in the name of “freedom of speech” the “culprit” will be held accountable, however, denying Islamic history and degrading and…

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