My wish for mobile

If I ever have one wish regarding mobiles to be fulfilled, with guarantee, it would be to ban all kinds of SMS packages. I am daily annoyed with tens of messages. I am in this state when my friends know that I do not like a lot of messages. I am just wondering that what would have had happened to me if my friends didn’t knew about this thing. I should not wonder such thing when I had an experience like that. One day, I got 80 messages from only one friend. Among those 80, 50 were old messages. I am thankful to the person who introduced ‘Conversation’ option in inbox due to which I can delete all of the messages of one person without my favourite saved messages.

After that, I am thankful to my Nokia. In Nokia mobiles, there, sometimes, comes a problem that do not allow the user to send text messages. I got that problem in 2008 with my second e-65 while sending Eid-ul-Azha messages. I had another one which I sell in 2007 but never got the money, although I disturbed my uncle for almost 2 years to give me the money for the mobile he purchased saying that he will pay one thousand above the market price. The second time I got the problem with my present Nokia. I talked to the customer care of the SIM providers. They told me to clear all messages from the mobile. I done so and still can’t send a text message. However, I can send a blank message to any mobile. The moment I input some text and try to send, it fails. But, surprisingly, it never failed sending text messages when I respond to the messages of the service center or when I wanted to activate an SMS package (for sending advertisement messages and not jokes). The readers might be thinking that it’s problem with the company. No, it’s not like that. It’s same for every SIM in that mobile and the SIM works normal in any other mobile. It’s something with my mobile.


What do you say about it?

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