Love and Mind

Note: These topics are the drafts I created from time to time on random topics. I am posting them on internet to get your comments and criticism so I can improve them, if possible.


One day, a to-be 21-years-old boy was eating hot noodles in a bowl. When he took his face near the bowl, his glasses were blurred by the vapours of Knorr Soupy noodles. He could not see while wearing the glasses. He put the glasses off and the vision became clear. At the first instance, he had to drink water to reduce the heat of noodles but, later, he did not take any glass of water.

The hot noodles were like the love and the glasses were like mind. When mind goes near to love, it gets blurred. A person cannot see the love with the eyes of mind.

The eyes behind the glasses were like the eyes of heart. When a person starts watching with the eyes of heart, his vision becomes clearer, in the case of love.

The mind and heart can never have same vision. The visions and decisions of heart are pure because neither they think nor they are selfish. Allama Iqbal said,

بے خطر کود پڑا آتشِ نمرود میں عشق

عقل ہے محوِ تماشائے لبِ بام ابھی

The heat of the love is more stronger than mind because it arises from the core of the heart. Love give rise to knowledge which is a source of enhancing mind and thinking. Allama Iqbal said,

ع          عشق ہے اُمّ الکتاب اور علم ہے ابن الکتاب

But that does not mean that you should leave mind forever. Sometimes, you should use mind and sometimes, you should leave the mind away (especially in the case of love). Allama Iqbal said,

اچھا ہے دل کے ساتھ رہے پاسبانِ عقل

لیکن کبھی کبھی اسے تنہا بھی چھوڑ دے

Love could be seen everywhere in the nature. The reason of the creation of the universe is LOVE. The red hot sun gives a glimpse of love. And the power of love could be understood by this single phenomenon of dying sun; even after the sun dies, it leaves the red colour of love on the face of sky.


3 thoughts on “Love and Mind

  1. Of course you do deserve them, especially that English is not your first language. The effort you put in and tried giving the message as precise as you could is just wonderful. Don’t just look at the words, look at the message you tried to convey through these words, it is truly brilliantly written.

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