‘Why I do not have that thing what he has?’ This is because you think that he is superior to you because of that thing. Due to this, you wish that you should be on his place. This is jealousy – one form of lust.

What is superiority? Is it having more money when you cannot eat gold? Or is it having expensive clothes when they can crush you under mud? Is it having your order accepted when your own minister can stab you in your back? Or is it being known by everyone when they can say you bad on your back? Is it having everything that everyone have? Or is it having something that no one have? Is it superiority?

“Neither a white/red is superior to a black not a black is superior to red/white, in the sight of Allah. Neither an Arabian is superior to a non-Arabian nor is a non-Arabian superior to an Arabian but due to their piety”.[1]

It is jealousy to win the coins of silver and gold instead of winning the hearts of mud and light. It is not superiority. Jealousy is a form of lust which burry you and your light under the castle of sand while superiority is the result of love that takes you out of each and every grain of your grave’s sand. Jealousy gives you a living death instead of giving life to your death. The Satans of jealousy will take you in the darkest pit, where you will never, ever, see the glimpse of any ray of light.

Shereen EDars said, “jealousy is lack of Iman and (lack of) trust for Allah”.

The faith and the principle of Islam is to love and share.

لا يؤمن أحدكم حتى يحب لأخيه ما يحب لنفسه

“None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother that which he loves for himself.” – Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Sharing what you have and sacrificing the best you have is the policy of love.

Both, love and jealousy burns a person but love is a burning fire for others by your own self while jealousy burns you for your ostentation because of others. Jealousy is to gain everything to be unique while ‘uniqueness’ is to be different, either by gaining something or sacrificing something. Jealousy is to destroy other for your selfish gain while ‘selfishness’ is to think only about you, either by destroying and gaining from others or by leaving them as they are. Jealousy makes a person more unhappy and isolates than the meanings of ‘unhappy’ and ‘isolated’ itself.

A jealous person can never be happy because you are happy. They consider you as superior to them because of your happiness and from here, the journey of enmity starts. That’s why Holy Prophet ﷺ said that do not tell your bad dreams to anyone and tell your good dreams to only those people who will love it.

Always beware! Jealousy has more power, to destroy your house, than the power of love, to save your house.


If you think love is more powerful than jealousy, please guide me through comments below.


[1] The lines of Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in the last sermon at his last Hajj.


5 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. Like it.

    I want to share some thoughts which i believe is faith
    Jealousy is powerless if a person is pious and have faith on Shaikh then jealously has to face Shaikh and it will be destroyed. However if a person has strayed from the right path, or have bad intention , Jealousy will gain power and will destroy house.

    I am trying to learn and cannot guide anyone as i just have faith.

  2. Actually Our Markaz is in my mind. Peer Mubarak Sahib said that it is Sarkar aale mission. In the past our markaz faced several threats of jealousy. We believe that Satan of jealousy will be destroyed against the power of love and path of light. Amen.

    • Love definitely has a great power but jealousy is greater than that. That’s the reason why we ask Allah’s refuge in Surah al-Falaq.
      And (O Allah! we seek your refuge) from the Sharr (bad) of envious people when they envy.
      Because, at the end, there is no one powerful than Allah. We should never take jealousy as a light thing. We should always seek refuge from it.

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