The Key Moment for Happiness

Note: These topics are the drafts I created from time to time on random topics. I am posting them on internet to get your comments and criticism so I can improve them, if possible.


Lao Tzu said,

‘Rejoice in the way things are. Live in the moment. When you successfully do this, the whole world belongs to you.’

Life is very complex to understand. The blazing sun is just behind the pillar shadowing you. Sometimes, the life looks too fake that the truth of past moment vanishes under light but sometimes, it looks too real that a single moment creates sorrow and happy moments.

Happiness is the wish of every soul but no one can escape from the sorrows of life. Sorrows are always a result of either past or future. When a person remains in his past or moves to his future, skipping his present, he get sorrows and worries. The handle of the lock of the room of your heart might, often, goes forward, when you are constantly drowned in the sea of your past. Your speed is too slow that the travellers of earth will leave you behind to “stick to the past and search through things.” Or, might be, you dream for a far future that can drop my pen far behind that dream. In this way, “it is very probable that you destruct the peace of your mind and your soul.”

‘The key moment’ to get out of this situation is that

“you shouldnt let your consciousness to have obsessions.” “So, proper amount of reflection on past is good but brother, live “the moment”. our general tendency is that we evaluate  “the moment” according to past and we plan “the moment” for the future. So, that moment passes so quickly while we are thinking about past and future that we realize our life is lessened more.

“Now” is the key moment for happiness. leave the past behind (of course you can remember the lessons and experiences you had) and dont be nervous about living present.”

Happiness is very rare thing to acquire because there are only a few persons who can make you happy. Don’t search for happiness because it is already and always present, just value happiness. When we wish, it comes, for a short interval, and then again vanishes. So, it is up to us whether we want to be happy or not. So, you should be “happy to be related to.”

Never try to go behind anything other than Allah and His beloved ones. When you will go behind something, it will show you its cruelty and dominance upon you. Try to go either with something or forward than something. But, never try to go forward than time because when you are going forward than present, you are actually going behind your future.

And Bedil said,

زخود غافل گذشتی فال استقبال زدحالت

نگہ از جلوہ پیش افتاد امروز تو فرداشد

“Your Present forebodes the Future only because you are not aware of yourself (your real nature). (The idea of future) is nothing but the desire to see getting ahead of thing seen”.


And if you running behind your future, skipping your present, it will never show mercy upon you and you will be deprived of both, present and future.

So, always try to follow ‘the key moment for happiness’, “now”.


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