Bent Glasses and Trees

Note: These topics are the drafts I created from time to time on random topics. I am posting them on internet to get your comments and criticism so I can improve them, if possible.


When the glasses get scratches, it starts fading the vision. At the time of its creation, it was scratch-less like the baby, without any sin, or the snow, without any dirt on her body. As the time passes, it starts getting scratches, irrespective of how much you care to prevent it. It is must at some instant in the timeline. We are powerless in restraining from each and every sin at every second of our life. Now what could be the solution?

There are thousands of Signs in the changing of days and nights but if we ‘ponder’. Every day the sun rise with a lot of messages on his lips but it dies hopeless. When it rises again, next morning, it again spreads the rays of light, brightening the books of knowledge. When the rays hit the glasses directly, the scratches become visible, thus, creating an obstacle between the eyes and the object.

As much the proud takes the glasses up (directing to the Sun), that much visible becomes the scratches. The reason for the scratches is the dust particles. When they reside on glasses and are rubbed, while cleaning the glasses, they leave their tracks behind.

At last, a human eye is unable to face the intensity of light by watching it directly. If the eye do not bends down, it could be damaged due to the intensity of light.

The solution is the bend; the bend that makes the scratches invisible; the bend that removes the obstacle of glasses; the bend that clears the vision; the bend that saves a tree from being destroyed; the bend that saves an eye from being damaged; the bend that saves from being handicapped; the bend that saves from disability; the bend that can exalts you; the bend that saves you from a fall.

A storm that comes with a dying sun; the wind runs through the fields and empty lands and blows the dust with it. The wind strikes with the buildings and trees. The birds take refuge in trees. The wind shakes the trees. The turgor pressure keeps the leave and flowers upright while the trunk keeps the trees upright. There are some flowers and trees that understand their resistance power and bend themselves. But, there are a few who do not understand the smashing power of wind and never bend themselves, in the proud of resistance power. This is the same proud that force you to direct your glasses towards the Sun. This is the same proud that deceives the person at the end of the roof. At last, the proud trees break off.

When the wind slows down, the birds try to fly towards their destinations. They try to take refuge in trees when wind starts again. Unfortunately, some encounters the wind that drag them far behind. The wind takes the dust grains of proud with it. It blows through our hairs, pouring the dust of proud on our heads. The proud get absorbs in skin, leaving the head with dirty hairs. It moves in the body and deceives you. It will force you to oppose the wind. No success would be achieved. Just a fall will result, taking your soul out of your body. That proud will never let you bend, in front of your Lord, to hide your sins and let the wind pass away from over you.

It is you who have to choose either submission to your Lord, i.e. Islam, and get saved or resist, i.e. Kufr, and get destroyed.


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