How do I save Paper.

Nowadays, we are living in a polluted world, which is heading very fastly to its destruction. “Green Planet” and “Green Environment” are only left as dreams. What is our role in making our Planet “Green”? If we cannot make our Planet beautiful, why we are contributing in its destruction? First of all, we should try to change our habits and we should try to keep tomorrow’s world’s pollution at least at the same rate what it is today. After that, we should try to decrease the pollution rate.

What do I do for decreasing the pollution? Once, there was a time that, I was a person who never thought about such things. One day, I was reading a Spider magazine which was about recycling. That day, changed a lot of my habits. I was the guy who never liked to write on a low quality paper. Might be the reason was that I have used and destroyed high quality papers in my school from my childhood. Our school had the most expensive copies as compared to other school copies and the reason was that it had high quality paper.

When I got my first computer and printer I did not used A4 paper for printing. Instead, I took the pages from my father’s working pads which were higher in quality than A4 page. One day, my father asked me that why you use these pages for your draft printings? From that day, I moved to A4 pages for printing. Still, I used to destroy pages in a large volume. The day when I read that Spider magazine, my ideas were really changed. The first habit that I adopted after that was that I started double side printings; even it was a difficult task for my previous printer. It was a even more difficult task when I’ve to print our magazine’s matter for proof-reading.

Later, Instead of wasting whole page of a notepad, I started using the remaining blank page of my draft work for note taking and a day came when I totally shifted my note taking to low quality papers. Recently, I started to use lead pencil for draft works to use the same paper again and again for draft purpose. I know that this task also consume a lot of eraser and rubbers are also made from trees. But currently, I don’t know that whether destroying a page have more serious effects on nature or destroying a little rubber. As soon as I’ll know the answer, I’ll switch to the thing that’ll have fewer effects on nature.

If you ever get chance to visit my room, I can show you how many blank pieces of pages I have saved for draft writings. Once, there was a time when I use to throw these pieces in the bin. Thanks to Allah, the Almighty, that now, I consume those pages that do not allow me to destroy more pages. My rooms are always filled with papers and most of them are in the shape of small pieces which one might think as rubbish.

Yesterday, I was making a layout and that needs a lot of prints to check the adjustments. I took out my draft page (which was already filled with words) and printed on it. I didn’t had any difficulty in checking the adjustments and that saved another page. I don’t know that whether it is enough or not but I am satisfied that I am doing as much as I can do.

If YOU just adopt a few habits in your daily life, WE can make a better tomorrow. The world will THANK YOU tomorrow. Here, I want more attention by officials who destroy paper too much in their offices.


What do you say about it?

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